How We Help

The ADRC is designed to empower older adults and persons with disabilities, their caregivers and professionals to make informed choices about their services and supports. Staff at the ADRC provide objective information and assistance to help people access private or publicly funded service programs.

ADRC serves the entire state in providing people of all incomes and ages with information on the full range of long-term support options. ADRC provides individual personalized options counseling services through local community options specialists who can meet with you to help you sort through your options and connect you to services based on your own preferences, strengths and values.

Wherever You Are

We have local offices across the state. Click here for a list of locations and contact information.

One Call Away

We offer a statewide call center with a wealth of information for community services, such as in-home services, transportation, home delivered meals, and more. Call center staff link you to a local options counselor or to services and supports.

If you need help, call today.

855-200-ADRC (2372)

Because We Care

Getting your vaccinations and booster shots are the way to keep you and your family safe! Don’t miss out on another moment with your loved ones and get your shot.

To find your booster location or for more information:
Call the Statewide ADRC Call Center: 855-200-2372

Options Counseling

Making decisions about long term care services can be difficult. An options counselor can help by providing unbiased information that is relevant to the individual’s needs, preferences and goals. This person-centered service supports the individual in making informed choices about their long-term care service options.

To learn more, speak with an options counselor today.

855-200-ADRC (2372)

What kind of help do you need?

Everyone has unique needs and challenges, or questions that arise when trying to plan for their or their loved ones’ long-term care needs. If you have questions about long-term care in these or another category, please call us today.

855-200-ADRC (2372)

In-Home Services

Products and services available to older adults and people with disabilities who wish to live independently in their homes and communities. Services include assistance with personal care and household tasks, home health care, and home modifications.

Community Services

Community-based services offer support for individuals who live independently. People often use a combination of community-based and in-home services to maintain independence.

Nursing Homes

24-hour medical attention for extended post-operative care or complex health monitoring.

Housing & Long-Term Care

Options range from assisted living communities, where residents enjoy private apartments, to continuing care retirement communities which meets residents’ health needs as they change over time.

Medical Services

Hospitals, rehabilitation and outpatient centers offer services for individuals with a wide range of medical needs.

Caregiver And Professional Resources

Caring for a family member or friend can be both challenging and rewarding. Finding the right resources can help. Learn about caregiver respite and support, grief recovery services, and caregiver education.

Looking for more?

If you’re looking for more information about how we can help, please visit our main website or contact us today. We are eager to answer your questions and get you the assistance you need.

855-200-ADRC (2372)

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